XMMS Picture Viewer Input Plugin


XMMS Picture Viewer (alias Xmms-Slideshow) is an Input Plugin for XMMS. Although XMMS was mainly intended for use as audio player it's features and it's broad usage makes it also interesting for use with other medias. An example is eg. the XMMS Mplayer Input Plugin which enables XMMS to play video files.

The XMMS Picture Viewer plugin adds picture support. Whenever a picture file is selected in XMMS the plugin will be used to display it. There is a configurable time how long the picture should be displayed. When this time has elapsed the next file from the XMMS playlist will be started. So it's very easy to use XMMS for showing a slideshow (and that's why the project is also called "XMMS-Slideshow").

Together with Bemused XMMS-Slideshow could be used to control your picture galleries from a mobile phone. From the phone's display you can see and navigate through the complete directory tree on your harddisk.

The XMMS Picture Viewer was written for Linux and was developed/tested under kernel (but there should be no obstacles to run it under other kernel versions).

The SW is written in C and uses standard C-libraries and the GLib2. Additionally the SDL package and Gtk2 need to be installed. Last but not least the XMMS multimedia player needs to be installed.


xmms_slideshow_pic_view.jpg xmms_slideshow_conf_dialog.jpg


Thomas Busse
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